Material : Textbooks and homework


Depending on your needs, I may suggest buying a textbook, unless you want to use a specific textbook. I use a curated list of recent textbooks, those used in the best universities worldwide and in Alliance Française. It's more convenient to possess your own books, but it is not mandatory. There are no extra hidden fees and has no contract or sponsors, I just select the best textbooks. I also prepare and provide my own materials for the class (pdf, presentation, video, audio), specifically hand-tailored to your needs. I will provide you with all these resources along our classes thanks to simple download links.


Homework is regularly proposed so that your knowledge turns into automatic habits. Depending on your spare time, 10 to 30 minutes exercises will be proposed. Common tasks include auto-corrected online French exercises, participate on online French forums, traditional written exercises, e-learning playful apps (free apps) available on computers and phones, not to forget home-made exercises. If you have no spare time for homework, it's not a big deal, I will anyway regularly refer to previous classes to build up your knowledge. Very often you will have opportunities to re-check and re-use previously acquired abilities.


I teach French for all kind of purposes, but it is important you inform me about your specific aims, so that I can organize a studyplan to reach them. Most of my learners learn French in order to use it in real life, therefore I teach modern French, expressions and grammatical shortcuts, and avoid you typically school related structures and mistakes. I often add useful notes and remarks to the chat. It's advised to copy the content of the chat to integrate it into your notes. I work on many side projects related to teaching French, some of which will end up on this website in a close future, think more online exercices with videos.