Interactive modules

Here is a work in progress of interactive videos including grammar, comprehension, vocabulary training. This content is freely accessible.

Escalade à Bordeaux:

An average of 15 minutes are necessary to watch this video and complete all the quizzes. At the end of it, you will have increased your vocabulary about sport, injuries, and you’ll know the vocabulary to speak about sensations and emotions related to climbing. Select full screen video for a better viewing. This activity was created using H5P.

Faire de la voile en Grêce

A rough 20 minutes are necessary to complete this set of oral comprehension quizzes based on a reportage about sailing in Greece.
This activity was created with Opale Scenari.

Interactive grammar : la négation

This is an interactive grammar class ! The topic is A1, so, it’s not tricky, but practice makes perfect. The video lasts 7 minutes, but it will take at least 15 minutes to watch it and answer all the questions. This activity was realised using H5P.

La négation (niveau A1-A2)

This is an interactive grammar lesson about the negation. It’s a bit more tricky as the video deals with the negation in passé composé and in formal and informal style. This interactive video was realised using Opale Scenari.