How to have your first online French class on ?

If you're using a computer, the first class is on Framatalk, otherwise we will use Skype.

After contacting us, you will receive a Framatalk link with a date you proposed and voilà ! Just copy the Framatalk link (………) your teacher sent you in your browser (as in the picture).

Framatalk works fine with Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Chromium.


Allow the use of Microphone and then of the webcam (As in the 2 pictures below) and that's it ! You're online with your teacher !

To allow the access to the chat, you need to click the profile face on the upper left corner of the window and insert your pseudonym. You don’t need to fill in the « courriel-gravatar » field.

During the first meeting, your teacher will verify the compatibility of your hardware, discuss your aims while testing your French level.

In case something went wrong :

There is a fallback option. The teacher has also sent you his skype contact and it can be used to setup framatalk.

For the upcoming classes


Framatalk is based on Jitsi-meet. It is a powerful, open-source, video conferencing platform that securely connects users across browsers. Multi-party video conferences work with as little as 128Kbps and also include screen-sharing possibilities


Tox is a multi-platform app that allows instant messaging, voice, video, screen sharing, file sharing. It is free and open source, it protects your personal data and comes without any advertisement.


Skype works on any kind of device and allows multi video conferencing and instant messaging.

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