Phonetic tutorial : dropping the /e/

First: the warm up.

This video is a phonetical warm up. You can decide to skip it, but you can also decide to maximise your chances to produce new sounds by following this tutorial before starting with the next video. You have 76 muscles to help you produce sounds. To speak French you will have to use different muscles, and use some of them in unusual ways, so if you don't want to speak French with your usual language accent, this little streching is really useful.

Then: dropping the /e/

This video explains you why and which /e/ can be dropped in words. For A1 beginners, it's important to get used to this phenomenon in order to be sensitive to some /e/ being dropped in words, and reaching an easier understanding of native speech. For A2-B1 speakers, you may start to drop /e/ while speaking (when suitable). Kind word of advise, it's not a one day thing, it needs training to be able to do it fluently.
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